The IRS Can Stop You From Getting A Passport

That's Just One Of Their Most Aggressive Tactics

By now you have received a wealth of letters covering the alphabet. CP this CP that, Please call, please file your tax return, we’re going to issue a levy or garnish your wages.

I know most of you don’t even open the envelopes and what you are missing out on is the opportunity to negotiate.  The longer you wait the more effort it will take to resolve this. 

Your Immediate need is to understand your situation.

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If I had found this information before, I could have made arrangements and still go on my trip!
I almost Went To Jamaica
I had a bit of a challenge checking the denial list due to my foreign Address. However Ed was still able to help me - he obtained a signature and helped me access the IRS database himself.
Costa Rica
Pulled All My Transcripts Online. It was evident right away that I was indeed certified, but discussing my options with Ed really helped me put things in perspective and address the situation. I had no idea my debt was considered "Seriously Delinquent Tax Debt"
Doral, FL
I Didn't Want To Wait Any Longer. I have Been ignoring IRS Letters for the longest time. A very quick login I downloaded my transcripts, Uploaded them and next day I was having my review and on my way to compliance - and off the passport block list.

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