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Are tax attorney fees deductible?

You can deduct any legal fees you paid in the year to collect or establish a right to collect salary or wages. You can also deduct legal fees you paid in the year to collect or establish a right to collect other amounts that must be reported in employment income even if they are not directly paid by your employer. Consult a CPA or Tax Attorney if you have any legal issues or concerns

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Michael Sullivan a former IRS agent will share his thought about a certain situation where we would need help from a certain tax attorneys.

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Ed Parsons CPA is a profoundly experienced CPA represented considerable authority in the field of global tax collection.

Ed has assisted many people with unreported unfamiliar resources, recording past due years under the Streamlined Procedure – with adequate involvement in other reprieve projects, for example, the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program.

Ed is knowledgeable in the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, Foreign Tax Credit, Controlled Foreign Corporations, Passive Foreign Investment Companies and unfamiliar trust fields.

Outside Nationals working together in the US will likewise profit with his involvement in inbound exchanges, regardless of whether for charge arranging or for explicit US Trade Or Business or Effectively Connected Income open issue portrayal before the IRS.

Ed assists business people and organizations with even the most mind boggling needs that different CPAs are hesitant to handle. He works face to face with nearby customers and through a strong online stage for those farther away. Regardless of whether it’s a mother and-pop business, a global firm, or a Fortune 50 organization, entrepreneurs rely on his skill to help them succeed.

International Tax Accountant CPA- Ed Parsons CPA

Susan Moss

Susan Moss started her profession with the Internal Revenue Service in the Office Audit Division in 1973. As an Office Auditor she inspected individual and private company government forms. In 1978 she was elevated to Office Audit Group Manager. As a Group Manager she regulated a gathering of 25 IRS specialists. Susan got various honors for achievements with Fraud Discovery and Awareness; Examination of Business Returns; and The Tax Shelter Audit Program.

Stephen Wilkinson

Steve brings knowledge and expertise to Michael D. Sullivan, Former IRS Agent, with involvement with large figure compliance cases and resolution of IRS tax issues for individual client cases. Steve has served as an Accounting Director for Alamo/National Car Rental, the third largest car rental company in North America. Responsible for $5 billion in vehicle inventory and sales, and management of a corporate accounting department. He has a strong operational background to provide management of the entire Michael D. Sullivan, Former IRS Agent process between staff and client issues and needs.

Steve holds a USCG captain’s license and is a member of the Florida Guides Association.

Herb Cantor

Brought into the world in Coral Gables, Florida, Herb’s profession began with 2 years out in the open bookkeeping at the global CPA firm Harris, Kerr Forster.

Following 2 years, he was employed by the IRS and began in the Small Business Division as a Revenue Agent. He fundamentally examined “C” and “S” enterprises and Schedule-C’s. He likewise went about as an acting gathering administrator.

Following 6 years, he was prescribed to join the Appeals Division as an Appeals Officer.

Lucy Petry

Lucy has insight in both industry and public bookkeeping, overseeing and counseling for organizations, helping citizens from charge arrangement to portrayal under the steady gaze of the Tax Court, and addressing customers at the government, state, and nearby levels. Preceding turning into a lawyer Lucy dealt with her CPA practice and functioned as a Controller and Accounting Manager for public and International assembling organizations.

Lucy procured her MBA from the University of St. Thomas in Houston, trailed by her JD from the South Texas College of Law Houston. While at South Texas, she procured the University and Texas State Bar Pro Bono Honors grant. She was additionally the President of the Tax Law Society and an individual from the Board of Advocates. She then, at that point proceeded to turn into an Adjunct Tax Clinic Professor at South Texas.


Julie Lynch as of late resigned following a 38-year famous vocation as a Revenue Officer in the Collection Division of the Internal Revenue Service. During that time, she worked assortment cases including the two people and organizations, and took care of all viewpoints to determine the cases; from getting OFfers-in-Compromise, portion arrangements, announcing cases as of now not collectible and solicitations for decrease.

She worked intimately with all divisions inside the IRS, including Examination Division and Taxpayer Advocate. She additionally met consistently with delegates of both the U. S. Lawyer’s Office and the IRS Office of Chief Counsel. Julie encouraged a few IRS classes, was an On-The-Job Instructor for new representatives; and as a senior Revenue Officer, she went about as a tutor to bring down reviewed managers.

Most Common Questions for Tax Attorney

An IRS Tax attorney can help you negotiate with the IRS for settlement.

If You Have Legal Issues or you need legal advices with IRS, better consult a tax attorney immediately.


CPA Tax Attorney does not only have the financial background to understand the intricate details of your company’s balance sheets, but they are also able to advise on business structure to reduce tax liabilities and hopefully help you avoid any trouble with the IRS.

The cost of your tax attorney will be based on the type of case, the level of experience your attorney has, and many more. Although each tax attorney will charge their own hourly rate, you can expect to pay anywhere between $200 and $400 per hour.

 Hiring a tax attorney will help clients reduce their stress. They can focus their lives on other important things like their very own self and their family. They can sleep better knowing that the issue is handled by  professionals. 

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Michael D. Sullivan

Michael D. Sullivan is the author of Michael D. Sullivan, Former IRS Agent. He had a recognized profession with the Internal Revenue Service for a very long time. As a veteran IRS Revenue Officer/Agent, he filled in as an Offer in Compromise Tax Specialist and Large Dollar Case Specialist. He additionally worked together with the U.S. Lawyer’s office on covert tasks. Michael got a few honors for his work and devotion as an IRS Agent.