How To Find Out If You Are On A Passport Denial List:

Check The IRS Passport Denial List
Before Applying for Passport Renewal

2. Submit Your Transcripts and Message using this form.

Your Transcripts Will be Received by a CPA, Schedule a Review Call. After that, we will Recommend A Professional Based On Your Case Specifics

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If I had found this information before, I could have made arrangements and still go on my trip!
I almost Went To Jamaica
I had a bit of a challenge checking the denial list due to my foreign Address. However Ed was still able to help me - he obtained a signature and helped me access the IRS database himself.
Costa Rica
Pulled All My Transcripts Online. It was evident right away that I was indeed certified, but discussing my options with Ed really helped me put things in perspective and address the situation. I had no idea my debt was considered "Seriously Delinquent Tax Debt"
Doral, FL
I Didn't Want To Wait Any Longer. I have Been ignoring IRS Letters for the longest time. A very quick login I downloaded my transcripts, Uploaded them and next day I was having my review and on my way to compliance - and off the passport block list.